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Level 1

Photography Is Cool

Experience Level : 0-2 years of experience.
Portfolio : No portfolio necessary, but it is a major plus.
Specialties : No specialty necessary, but let us know the type of photography you enjoy most.
Minimum Equipment: Digital camera - Basic DSLR & Memory Card.

Level 2

I Am An Experienced Photographer

Experience Level : 2-4 years of experience
Portfolio : You are developing the perfect portfolio.
Specialties: You specialize in a couple of different areas, but are still discovering your niche.
Minimum Equipment: Digital camera - Basic DSLR, memory card, Lenses, Tripod, or Onboard Flash.

Level 3

Photography Is My Career

Experience Level : 4+ years of experience.
Portfolio: This level is for photographers with professional websites and a large repository of work.
Specialties: You can do it all, but have a few different areas in which you excel.
Minimum Equipment : Digital camera - DSLR, Lenses, Tripod, Strobes or off Camera Flash, Onsite Studio +.


All photographer profiles are reviewed and activated in the system. Please allow 72 hours for the activation process.

Photos should be uploaded to a client's event within 12 hours of the booking.

We allow photographers to do what they do best - take photos; we'll handle the retouching. However, we encourage all photographers to do light editing, crop and color correction, before submitting to clients.

Don't forget to manage your availability. Clients will only see you if you show that you are available in the system.


My experience with the Team at Onthr3 has been very positive. Marketing myself is my least favorite part of my business. Onthr3 handles the screening and booking of clients as well facilitating quick payment for my services. All the information for a project is provided via the app as well as direct contact with the client to clarify any details before the shoot. I'm very happy with our partnership! Ben Stewart (Dallas, TX)

I was curious about what Onthr3 was when I first noticed the ad in Facebook. I thought, "Why not get paid for doing something that I did as a hobby." Joining was easy. Onthr3 has provided the opportunity to expand my photographic portfolio and get paid for doing something I love to do. Besides, This is a great way of using my expensive equipment to pay for itself or maybe of giving me the extra funds for purchasing new gear that may have caught my eye. I've done 3 event for Onthr3. Each event has been extremely enjoyable and I've met wonderful people along the way! Carlos Velazquez (Dallas, TX)

A photographer's most important job, aside from being creative, is to market themselves in order to expand their clientele. Onthr3 is without a doubt the best app for photographers because it provides great exposure and frequent bookings. The best part of the app is that you get to set your own availably. Once you get booked all you have to do is show up, take amazing photos and upload them to the app. Being apart of the Onthr3 network. I always get booked for jobs I probably wouldn’t have found on my own, most of them are really fun events around Los Angeles that I wouldn't have known about or had access to if it wasn’t for Onthr3. Jhana Parits (Los Angeles, CA)