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Level 1

Photography Is Cool

Experience Level : 0-2 years of experience.
Portfolio : No portfolio necessary, but it is a major plus.
Specialties : No specialty necessary, but let us know the type of photography you enjoy most.
Minimum Equipment: Digital camera - Basic DSLR & Memory Card.

Level 2

I Am An Experienced Photographer

Experience Level : 2-4 years of experience
Portfolio : You are developing the perfect portfolio.
Specialties: You specialize in a couple of different areas, but are still discovering your niche.
Minimum Equipment: Digital camera - Basic DSLR, memory card, Lenses, Tripod, or Onboard Flash.

Level 3

Photography Is My Career

Experience Level : 4+ years of experience.
Portfolio: This level is for photographers with professional websites and a large repository of work.
Specialties: You can do it all, but have a few different areas in which you excel.
Minimum Equipment : Digital camera - DSLR, Lenses, Tripod, Strobes or off Camera Flash, Onsite Studio +.